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Here is a Recap of photos taken of Indiecade 2013, got a chance to meet Super Time Force crew and more, Check out the link to see full gallery

Recap: Indiecade 2013

Recap: Indiecade 2013 Photos

Recap: Indiecade 2013



Giant Robot Issue 64

Giant Robot Magazine - Support

I have been a fan of Giant Robot Magazine for years and has been a huge inspiration on many levels. If you havent heard for Giant Robot Magazine finding and reading one of there magazines is a must.

Along with everything else there is also Giant Robot stores of Artbooks, Vinyl and Plush toys and more…

Also support Giant Robot Magazine, get a subscription and donate to support the hard work these guys have put in for years. Support and Donate

Also check out the Black Star Shooter Trailer, the interview in Giant Robot magazine issue # 64 is fantastic

Upon building the team of Atom Arcade LLC here in Phoenix, Arizona USA we wanted to make sure we contributed to one of the Video Game Greats. This particular game has grown into its own over the years and has won crown ownership among our team. Upon staring at this at first glance from a average gamer’s perspective, you may say to self…. “oh thats a older version of the game and graphics blah blah blah… but as a true gamer we challenge you to sit down and play this great game again, you may learn some things.

If you have the ability too sit back and think from a developers perspective vs all the games that were out before it’s time, what was the ideation point of this game being created the way it was. With Story line behind characters and locations of fight scenes stages and the building of two iconic Characters that we don’t even have to mention, your mind will automatically fill in the blanks.

Some may think… “oh.. Karate Champ inspired this games birth…”, but as true gamer and developers we beg to differ.

First we begin with bowing grace of the great machine itself…..


Street Fighter Machine

Now you may say to yourself…”ok…why this as a first topic?” we have to direct you to a bit of Capcom’s History. To get you up to pace and to see eye to eye on this topic, you will need to purchase if you already haven’t :

Capcom Illustrations Book:


This particular book goes into the early history and artwork of Capcom’s finest, from the history of Illustrations and Illustrator’s to a bit of inside decision making of final product. The upgrade book to this is….

Capcom Design Works:



This particular book is a more updated version of the previous with more updated reconizable works and mega hit smashes. We have a busy schedule here in studios but we will touch more upon this later.

Please leave comments feedback, and with the hopes of support, every bit will help as you learn more about the company and the goals and directions we are going in. If you like what you have seen thus far and would like screenshots posted from the book please leave comment or feedback and we would be more the glad to post what we are much allowed to do.

We will get more into Turbo Graphics 16 and the CD release of Fighting Street as well as some more tid bits of what game truley imspired the Birth of Street Fighter. Stay Tuned….

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